Big data was the big buzzword a few years ago.

With the growth and subsequent explosion of AI and machine-learning, what was once a pipe dream is now a reality. To build a relationship with your best customers, you have to know them first. That’s where we come in. With our analytics team, we crunch the numbers and dive deep into your data to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your customers, as well as things you didn’t know you needed.

From an analytics standpoint, rDialogue partners with us to better manage the many priorities asked of our group. The rDialogue team is quick to provide critical data insights – from brand and customer perspectives –that enables us to react quickly to changing market conditions. And, through our partnership with rDialogue, we keep our brand teams fully apprised of how our key marketing initiatives perform.
— Edward Cannon, Associate Director, Marketing Effectiveness, Boehringer Ingelheim