Loyalty Marketing is at the Forefront

Over the last 18 months, we've seen increasing demand at rDialogue from leading and challenger brands looking for customer loyalty and relationship marketing solutions unlike anything we've seen in twenty years. This comes from a growing realization that marketing, in its traditional form alone, doesn't work. Here’s our take on what’s happening, why and what to do about it.

Which came first? The Content or the Egg?

Everyone's talking about content like it's a revolutionary new concept. In reality, it isn't new, but it’s becoming more and more vital to provide relevant content to your customers to keep them engaged in the digital age of hyperclutter.

The Changing Nature of Loyalty Marketing

We recently attended CRMC in Chicago and were struck by how the conversation has shifted on a number of fronts. While there was a notable theme around the basic fundamentals of CRM and a not so inconspicuous lack of shiny bright objects compared to recent years, more than ever there was increased discussion around the importance and usage of non-points-based loyalty programs and benefits.

Amazon Coins? I think I’ll stick with quarters…..

Amazon recently announced the rollout of Amazon Coins – their new virtual currency – to Kindle Fire owners. Is this a hook for Kindle Fire or a precursor to something much bigger? While exciting to many industry pundits, we’re all just going to have to wait and see what Amazon’s future plans for Coins are… and what that might mean for the rest of us.

Making Marketing Analytics Actionable

Using “Big Data” in relevant ways that make the customer experience better has become a common theme recently. At the Emory Marketing Analytics Center’s annual conference, leading brands like Delta, Home Depot and Coca-Cola all shared tactical ways data is used to enrich the customer experience.

The Target Card Marketing Experience Falls Short

Even good marketers have room for improvement. Creating a relevant customer experience across all channels can be complex, but it can start very easily and simply, particularly for data-rich retailers with a wealth of cardholder data like Target.

The Right Focus at Loyalty Expo

Conferences always provide fertile ground for new perspectives, new ideas and fresh ways to solve traditional problems. Loyalty Expo was no different, driven as much by our clients and conversations outside the Loyalty Expo sessions as the sessions themselves. We share our highlights from this year's Loyalty Expo here.

How to Gain the Loyalty of Millennials

Megan DeCosta joins us as a guest blogger for rDialogue with a unique look at Millennials and strategies retailers and financial services providers can use to build relationships with them. As SVP, Loyalty Services at Citi Retail Services, Megan leads Citi’s efforts to build retail and card product loyalty with consumers across a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 companies.

Big Data: The Exception or the Norm?

Big Data is the latest buzz word being tossed around. Few would argue the enormous amount of data available for retailers to collect and leverage, but is using data to truly change the customer experience the exception or the norm?

Thanks for Seven years of (Our) Relevant Dialogue

Past and present, clients and partners, former clients and others – we owe you our gratitude. While it’s cliché to call a business such as ours a people business, ours truly is. It’s about relationships, not just about our clients’ relationships with their customers but also about the relationships we have with each other. The past seven years have been the fastest seven years for me – and also some of the best seven years because of those relationships.


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