Join Phil Rubin, rDialogue CEO, along with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Citi Retail Services, Office Max, The Home Depot and Macy’s at two sessions featured at this year’s Loyalty Expo, March 20-22, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.  Learn more and register for Loyalty Expo now at

Connecting Data and Relationship Marketing to Drive Emotional Loyalty 

Thursday, March 21

1:35pm - 2:20pm


Maggie Lang, Sr. Director Loyalty and Relationship Marketing, Kimpton Hotels & Resorts

Phil Rubin, CEO, rDialogue


In a world and a category (travel) where most brands are focused on highly transactional loyalty programs, Kimpton stands apart with a high touch, omni-channel approach to connecting with customers. Given the proliferation of frequent traveler programs, our view is that the brand that emotionally engages customers wins.


The presentation will cover:

  • Different types of data and how they are used
  • Approaches by channel (guest-facing, digital, social)
  • Examples and results
  • Summary of best practices


Join Maggie and Phil as they present examples and best practices for leveraging data to create more valuable customer relationships beyond the all-too-common points and rewards.


The Impending Convergence of Loyalty and Payments

Friday, March 22  

10:40am - 11:20am



Leslie McNamara, EVP Partner Management, Citi Retail Services

Bernny Thacker, Director, Loyalty Marketing & Credit Marketing, OfficeMax

Brandon Hayes, Director, Financial Services, The Home Depot

Arnold Lewis, Vice President of Customer Loyalty and Rewards, Macy's

Phil Rubin, CEO, rDialogue


While loyalty has been increasingly attached to payments since American Express first funded triple miles in the 1980s, the convergence is increasingly universal.  What is changing is that payments are increasingly attached to, and driving, loyalty.  This sweeping transformation, pursued by new and traditional issues, payment vehicles, form factors and proxies like Apple Passbook, creates unprecedented opportunities, threats and challenges to marketers and merchants.


Join Citi Retail Services, OfficeMax, The Home Depot and Macy's for an engaging panel discussion that will dig into how this new reality is being addressed by the leading retail card issuer and some of its leading retail partners.


The discussion will cover:

  • How retailers are adapting and adopting new payments, tender and form factors
  • Embracing tender-neutral but also tender-differentiated loyalty
  • Strategies, tactical examples and results
  • Considerations for survival and success going forward