Citi Retail Partner Cards to Provide Differentiating Loyalty Solutions with rDialogue

Atlanta, GA, November 15, 2010 --- Citi Retail Partner Cards announced today it has entered into an agreement with rDialogue, a leading customer loyalty and relationship marketing firm, to provide customized end-to-end loyalty solutions to its retail partners. Citi, a leading provider of private label consumer and commercial credit products and services, currently supports many of the largest, most successful rewards programs in the U.S.

“In today’s environment, rewards and loyalty programs need to be as distinctive as our Partners’ brands,” said Leslie McNamara, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Citi Retail Partner Cards.  ”Pairing Citi’s industry-leading strength with the expertise of rDialogue will allow us to enhance the way our Partners differentiate themselves to customers. Unique, differentiated engagement is the key to building customer loyalty. And loyalty is the competitive edge for our Partners.” 

“In a ‘sea of sameness’ with respect to loyalty initiatives, there is a huge opportunity to create more distinction in terms of brand, customer experience and value proposition,” said Phillip S. Rubin, CEO and president of rDialogue.  “We are committed to helping Citi create best-in-class offerings that enhance the way its retail partners connect with customers– our programs will be far from a one size fits all approach to loyalty programs.”

Citi will offer the full suite of enhanced loyalty solutions and consulting services as a core component of the comprehensive industry leading programs and services it offers every Partner. Services will extend beyond the traditional view of customer rewards to include a full range of loyalty consulting services, such as integrated branding and custom-designed solutions and comprehensive programs that drive sales and loyalty with and beyond private label card use.