rD #tbt: Customization of Loyalty Marketing Plans

We continue our celebration of rDialogue’s 10-year anniversary this week with a look back to 2011 and loyalty marketing’s role and evolution. Here at rD, we always have and will continue to look for brands that are willing to be leaders and push beyond the traditional loyalty program. It’s 2016 and this post is more relevant now than ever before. Enjoy the read and remember to follow along using #rDialogueTBT.

Trend #5: Customization of Loyalty marketing plans

Industry said it in – 2013

“More loyalty marketing: By now, we are all pretty aware that it is more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Add to that how consumers have never before been so connected and willing to share opinions of purchases and experience. Guess what you get? Marketers brainstorming creative ways to make customers feel appreciated and satisfied. What was once an afterthought should now find its way into the early stages of marketing roadmaps.” – 10 online marketing trends for 2013

rDialogue said it in – 2011

“We think Loyalty Marketing is getting much better with age. After years of seeing marketers spend the bulk of their budgets “above the line,” loyalty marketing, and the idea of enterprise customer centricity, is coming of age in terms of more widespread adoption. There’s a confluence of factors driving this and it’s evident across industries” – Phil Rubin in Will Loyalty Marketing Age Like a Fine Bordeaux or a Cheap Rosé?