rD #tbt: Integration of social media in all other forms of communication is inevitable

Over the last decade, social media has become an integral part of our lives. So much so that it’s effected the way we communicate with brands. In our newest blog, Jodi talks about a poor experience she had with a brand that ended with her tweeting about it in a last ditch effort for some form of recognition. Unfortunately, she was ignored. In this week’s #rDtbt, we reflect on social media marketing as part of the customer experience, and how five years later, brands are still failing to recognize its importance. As you start your holiday shopping, consider this: would brands ignore customers in person the way they ignore them online?

Trend #13: Integration of social media in all other forms of communication is inevitable

Industry said it in – 2011

“From Ford, to Dell, to Starbucks (client), to Jet Blue, and a host of other companies who have pioneered early uses of social media for business, 2011 will be the year these companies take a serious look at integrating social media, not only regionally but globally. Don’t be surprised if the same companies that piloted programs such as Ford’s “Fiesta Movement” and Starbuck’s Foursquare programs also become the first companies to take on the huge challenge of integrating social media into all facets of business from global marketing to crisis management and beyond.” Six Social Media Trends for 2011

rDialogue said it in – 2011 

“As you can probably imagine, social media marketing permeates throughout our conversations. Instead of a separate, siloed activity, social integrates into our entire approach and our recommendations to clients. For a customer to be truly loyal, brands need to deliver great customer experiences throughout all their channels (and learn to resolve a bad customer experience quickly and efficiently). Companies need to consider digital communities and social monitoring to address customer service needs.”  - Jon Parise in Social Media Myths