October Relevant Reads: Loyalty Marketing Content

At rDialogue, we like to share our favorite articles focused on loyalty marketing content with each other--and we'd love to share them with you too. Here are some of our favorite reads so far in October.

More Consumers Reading Email; Still Too Many Offers, Too Little Interesting

Research from Forrester supports the continuing need and opportunity for more relevant, customer-focused communications. There are still too many marketers using mass advertising techniques with what should be relevant, relationship building and engaging communications.

Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Store Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

Amazon understands retail, customers and the value of omni-channel better than any other.

New York City Kills Hidden Phone Booth Devices

NYC forced Titan to remove Beacons from public phone booths across NYC due to the lack of disclosure and potential for privacy invasion (tracking without permission). This underscores why brands and their direct relationships with customers are essential for using proximity-based mobile technology.