rD Goes to SunTrust Park

As an Atlanta-based relationship marketing firm, we’ve recently talked a lot about the Braves and SunTrust Park, but as of last Tuesday, we can officially say we went to a game. And it was a blast. So here’s a recap of rD’s trip to the ballpark.

Getting to SunTrust Park

When the Braves moved just outside the Perimeter at the merger of I-285 and I-75, I was guilty of it just like everyone else, “Ugh! Traffic over there sucks, and now it’s going to be even worse!” Well the Braves heard us and embraced technology to make this as pain free as possible with Uber and Waze. We grabbed an Uber from the office and I must admit, the ride wasn’t awful. Yes, there was traffic, but nothing noticeably worse than usual. And once we got there the Braves have a designated Uber drop-off area to make unloading a breeze.

Braves Uber and Waze

The Battery

Wow. I don’t think The Battery (a collection of restaurants, bars and shops outside the park) and the area surrounding Turner Field could be more polar opposite. The Uber dropped us off an hour before the game in the heart of The Battery. The atmosphere was electric. We walked past the Roxy Theatre, the very cool SunTrust onUP experience, and some restaurants that you can stop in at for dinner or a drink before the game. And while all this is happening the Braves drumline is in the middle of the plaza area playing music and leading the party. The Battery makes every game day feel like a celebration—just don’t get lost in the fun and forget to go cheer on the Braves.

atlanta braves

SunTrust Park

We entered SunTrust Park through the right field gate and walked around the outfield pavilion to the Hank Aaron Terrace situated in left field. On our journey we passed the zip line, classic batting cages, and pitching booths. The Hank Aaron Terrace is beautiful. The inside has two concession areas, separate from the rest of the park where you can get hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, you name it. The nachos were an rD favorite, by the way. The outside area has bar stool seating where you can get a good view of the entire stadium. The one thing the Hank Aaron Terrace didn’t have was funnel cake… such a travesty. Fortunately, the MLB at The Ballpark App has an Ask Braves chatbot that you can ask a variety of questions to like where’s the closest bathroom… or where can I get funnel cake.

ask the braves

One of the coolest things about SunTrust Park is it feels modern and classic at the same time. The Braves have taken the best aspects from all the different parks around the league and brought them together to create one great park. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking to take the family to the park, entertain clients, or socialize with friends. And don’t worry, whatever you’re doing, you’ll be able to share it on whatever social platform you choose, because the wifi is as fast as they said it would be.

Leaving SunTrust Park

If there was any negative of the SunTrust experience, it was trying to leave the ballpark. Just like getting to the ball park, we Ubered (is that a word?) home from the ball park. Similar to the drop-off location, the Braves had a designated pick-up location. But unlike, when we were being dropped off, everyone was leaving at the same time. I know the Braves want people to enjoy The Battery after the game, but at 10:30 on a Tuesday night people are probably looking to get home. So everyone is looking for their Uber in the same location. It can get a little chaotic. But, it’s the first season at SunTrust Park (and early on in the season for that matter), so I’m sure it will get better as the season goes on.

The Game

Oh yeah, the actual game. To make our special night even better, the Braves were able to pull out a victory against the Mets in a high scoring 9-7 game. We got to see Freddy Freeman hit a home run and R.A. Dickey throw knuckleballs and baffle Mets hitters. It was a great night out with a great company and hopefully we’ll be back for another company outing.