rD #tbt: Customers Are The Essence Of Social Media Value

It’s always fun to look back at how things were and how far rD has come in the past 10 years. Last week, to kick off our 10-year anniversary, we looked back at the value and importance of customer marketing in general and customer retention specifically. In part II we scroll back on the timeline and look at the impact of social media or as we refer to it, “Customer Media”. It’s the perfect #rDialogueTBT. Enjoy the read.

Trend #2: Customers Are The Essence Of Social Media Value

Industry said it in – 2009

“Marketers are experiment with mediums such as social marketing. Social marketing promises lower costs and bigger returns. In fact, word-of-mouth campaigns encourage consumers to do the marketing on behalf of the brand themselves. Prominent brands such as Starbucks , Dell , eBay , and Google interact with their customers through social media.”  - ‘A year in review – 2009 marketing trends’ by Forbes

“People connect to one other, share, learn, and communicate. With unemployment at record highs, those with internet access have more time–and need–to connect with others. For brands, it’s interesting to note a study by Razorfish, which indicates that 52% of consumers have blogged about a brand’s product or experience.” - ‘A year in review – 2009 marketing trends’ by Forbes

rDialogue said it in – 2009

“The important reality is that companies and brand managers aren't organized to effectively handle new digital media opportunities. For marketers, customers are the essence of social media's value. Perhaps it should be called Customer Media - because that's who controls it, at least as far as brands go.” – Phil Rubin in Social Media, Brands and...Customers: Are We Having Fun Yet?