Relationship Marketing Content: September Relevant Reads

At rDialogue, we like to share great relationship marketing content and some interesting articles with each other--and we'd love to share them with you too. Here are some of our favorite reads in September.

Twitter Announces Its First Commerce Product — A “Buy” Button On Mobile

Twitter's news of commerce via mobile - integration of social and commerce

Red Cross launches app for blood donors with retail rewards

The Red Cross is launching its 1st blood donor mobile app to track donations, earn rewards and invite friends

Pay it isn’t so… Apple inks iPhone 6 credit cards deal

We've known it was coming, but now that it's here, will a mobile wallet from Apple be a game-changer? Or is consumer and retailer hesitancy going to keep holding us back?

On the Move

Lululemon, Lucy and more create a new category in the saturated retail market.

Using Gambling to Entice Low-Income Families to Save

Are prize-linked savings programs gambling - or just gamification - to encourage people to save for the future?