Saving Time During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Time. It's arguably the most valuable asset any of us have, and we're constantly seeking ways to get the most out of how little we have. In fact, in our new research study, time ranked high amongst respondents, with 64% considering time saving an essential component of a loyalty program. Much of this shift in attitude can be attributed to brands like Amazon and its Amazon Prime subscription program. Over a relatively short period of time, Amazon has reset—or restructured—consumer expectations. In our instant gratification world, Prime satisfies.

Undeniably these days, brands that save you time are more likely to receive your loyalty in return. So when it comes to things like holiday shopping, how are brands saving you time?

Free Shipping

Target and Best Buy are both offering free shipping with no minimum through November and December. Sure, it’s no Prime Two-Day shipping, but shopping online for even the smallest of items, with no shipping charge? Priceless.

Curbside Service

Nordstrom is looking out for you late shoppers this season. In the week leading up to Christmas, they’ll be offering 24/7 curbside pickup for all those hectic last minute purchases. You’re welcome.


58% of shoppers are planning to buy online and pickup in store this holiday season, up 25% from last year. Unclear if Walmart knew how much importance BOPIS would hold this holiday season, but with the energy they’ve put into their BOPIS infrastructure this year, they’ll definitely be ready.

These are just our favorites—what are yours?