rD #tbt: There's a shift from globalization to personalization in marketing

Is it possible for something to be a throwback and a prediction? If it is, today’s #rDtbt fits perfectly. A year ago, we wrote about how personalized marketing is so much more than transactional data and today we feel brands are set up to do some really transformative things in regards to relationship marketing. With that in mind, enjoy today’s #rDtbt, because the future is right around the corner.

Trend #10: There's a shift from globalization to personalization in marketing

Industry said it in – 2015

“The world is more connected because of technology these days, but marketing is becoming more regionalized, and more localized, even more individualized, as consumers resist homogenization. Personalization is not a trend. It is a marketing tsunami, here to stay, which will transform how we think about and how we manage global brands. Companies will decentralizing their structure and increase regional and local influence.”  – 11 marketing trends to watch for in 2015

 rDialogue said it in – 2015

“Right now, I know I'm viewed as an active, loyal customer; but, I’m not. I’m a shopper making rational decisions based on reviews, sales and recommendations from friends. But there’s so much more to win. If you start using the information you already have about me to better relate to me, my relationship with your brand will become more personal and emotional. I'm more likely to tell you more about myself. I'm more likely to trust you. I'm more likely to talk with my friends about you.” – Karen Fields in I’m Ready for a Change

“Segmentation, clustering, personas and other classification labels are the rage in this world of big data.  What we’ve found successful with our clients over the years is a segmentation solution that is built using a combination of behavioral or transactional data, descriptive data (like demographic, attitudinal and/or firmographic attributes) and even sampled research data.  These attributes provide valuable insights into what customers think in addition to how they buy and who they are.” – Matt Garrett in How is segmentation making marketing more relevant today?