Simplifying Life: A working mom embraces innovation

“A mother’s work is never done.”

— A very smart person

When I’m not focused on building customer loyalty during the business week, I tend to navigate towards brands that help make my personal life easier.  Like most working mothers, accomplishing simple, day-to-day tasks can oftentimes, as they say, require a village!  With the goal of simplifying my life, I’m a working mom who embraces innovation and brands that make it easy and convenient for me to do business with them.  Being a working mother of two young children, I realize times have changed from when my grandmother would make everything from scratch.  It’s all about practicality for me.

No surprise that digital innovations are highly regarded in my house.  It all started when my second son was born and I began ordering my paper items in bulk through Amazon.  For anyone who has gone into the grocery store with a newborn and their bucket seat, there isn’t much room left in the cart − especially for bulky paper items.  Not only was it convenient (a big plus!) to buy from Amazon, but I also enjoyed free shipping and received my order within two days, thanks to my Amazon Prime subscription.  That alone was enough to get my business.  Coupled with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, I was guaranteed the price for this and ongoing purchases (at a competitive price).  Do I need to say more?  Since I’m a working mom that embraces innovation, I was sold!  That was the precise moment that I was hooked – I received additional value beyond convenience.

Fast forward three years…I find myself scheduling my dry cleaning to be picked up at my door via an app, which holds my dry cleaning preferences and allows me to schedule when I need the dry cleaning to be returned.  Convenience and personalization – check!

Taking the kids to dinner doesn’t have to be stressful.  Chick-fil-A makes that possible by eliminating a long wait in lines.  Through the Chick-fil-A app, I can place my order before arriving, pick up the food while my boys are at the playground and enjoy free Wi-Fi connection throughout the day.  If I prefer not to go inside, Chick-fil-A offers a dedicated parking space for app orders and an associate brings my items directly to my car.  Fabulous, this is a company that understands their audience.

Grocery store shopping has never helped busy moms stretch their dollar as far since the invention of the coupon – until now.  No more clipping coupons, leaving them at home or forgetting to use them at checkout.  Now, I simply load them onto my Kroger Plus account once a week.  This also allows Kroger to get to know me better; and in turn, create offers that are best suited for my family.  This feature alone has made me choose Kroger more often over other grocery stores that I previously visited.

And I can’t forget to mention my favorite, Starbucks.  There have been several times when I’ve rushed out of the house and then realized that I had forgotten my wallet, only to be thankful that I had my smartphone.  Since there wasn’t time to go home first, Starbucks saves the day because my credit card is linked to my Starbucks app which gives me the ability to check my reward status.  If I’m really lucky, I might just have an offer waiting for me. If not, at least I know this purchase will go toward earning a reward in the near future. You can’t get more practical than that.

As technology continues to emerge and I continue to be a mom who embraces innovation, I look forward to experiencing how payment options evolve, along with personalized offers and, of course, true transparency across channels.  This makes my life easier and, in turn, deepens loyalty from this mom.