Data, data, everywhere - now what?

It is no secret that in this age of the customer, data creates business value, especially to us marketers. Each data point is an opportunity to know customers better and engage with them in what we call “a relevant dialogue”. But this opportunity is also a challenge. With the upsurge of technological advancements happening today, there is a heap of customer data piling up at an exponential pace and in most cases, just sitting there. Brands too are grappling to keep up with this wave of ‘big data’. Today, companies have more data than ever at their disposal and less time than ever to identify how to use it. This conundrum raises the question: How can marketers effectively use data as a strategic resource to surpass customer expectations and increase profitability?

In a loyalty 3.0 world, if you sponsor it… will they come?

Recently, rDialogue went to SunTrust Park and watched the Braves beat the Mets in an exciting game. The stadium is beautiful and… well, we could go on and on. In fact we did and here you can read all about rD’s outing at the ballpark. But here, we want to focus on the name on the side(s) of the ball park: SunTrust, along with the broader topic of sponsorships and activation of those sponsorships.

"Hey Guy”: Apple’s disappointing customer marketing

Last week, Apple made an interesting acquisition of a Seattle-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up called Turi for around $200M. And like me, you probably said “Great, Apple is always on the forefront of new technologies”.  But, for me, this is less about the acquisition and more about hope in solving a constantly frustrating experience that I have with Apple. It’s not about the products as I currently own 15 different Apple products. My frustration is that Apple is abysmal at customer marketing. I constantly get marketing touches from Apple that are frankly insulting as I feel like Apple is just saying “Hey Guy!”