Flying High: Trying out Delta’s Gold Medallion

Early on in January of this year, Delta sent me an offer that I could not refuse. “Would you like to fast track to Delta Gold Medallion Status?” Hell yes. It seemed like a simple enough ask. Get a trial Gold Medallion membership for three months. The caveat? Fly with us three times in three months and enjoy Gold Medallion status for a full year.

rD #tbt: There's a shift from globalization to personalization in marketing

Is it possible for something to be a throwback and a prediction? If it is, today’s #rDtbt fits perfectly. A year ago, we wrote about how personalized marketing is so much more than transactional data and today we feel brands are set up to do some really transformative things in regards to personalized marketing. With that in mind, enjoy today’s #rDtbt, because the future is right around the corner.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Relationship Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Having worked in the hospitality industry over the last 10 years, I’ve been lucky to have stayed in some wonderful hotels − from Ritz Carlton to Four Seasons to Kimpton. As expected, the level of service at each of these hotels has been great – some more extraordinary than others – but, there’s one thing that rings true across each experience: the connection with the on-site team and, ultimately my connection with the brand, ends once I leave the property.

"Hey Guy”: Apple’s disappointing customer marketing

Last week, Apple made an interesting acquisition of a Seattle-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up called Turi for around $200M. And like me, you probably said “Great, Apple is always on the forefront of new technologies”.  But, for me, this is less about the acquisition and more about hope in solving a constantly frustrating experience that I have with Apple. It’s not about the products as I currently own 15 different Apple products. My frustration is that Apple is abysmal at customer marketing. I constantly get marketing touches from Apple that are frankly insulting as I feel like Apple is just saying “Hey Guy!”