Customer Marketing

Driving Customer Loyalty Retention: Three Things CMOs Should Learn from Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s impact defines the idea of relativity, at least in terms of customer experience.  Nearly every other brand customer experience can be measured in terms of how well it compares to what Amazon does. What can a CMO smart enough to be focused on the customer learn from this success that will make your brand(s) more relevant and your customers more loyal?

In a loyalty 3.0 world, if you sponsor it… will they come?

Recently, rDialogue went to SunTrust Park and watched the Braves beat the Mets in an exciting game. The stadium is beautiful and… well, we could go on and on. In fact we did and here you can read all about rD’s outing at the ballpark. But here, we want to focus on the name on the side(s) of the ball park: SunTrust, along with the broader topic of sponsorships and activation of those sponsorships.

rD #tbt: Companies Need to Use the Right Marketing Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

We’re sure you’re as ready as we are to get the Labor Day weekend started, but how can you start the long weekend without a little #rDtbt? Our latest blogs have touched on big data and how brands are leveraging it; or not leveraging it for that matter. There is more data than ever before; even more than there was in 2012 which is where we land for today’s #rDtbt. Enjoy the read and remember: “with great power (data), comes great responsibility.”

"Hey Guy”: Apple’s disappointing customer marketing

Last week, Apple made an interesting acquisition of a Seattle-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up called Turi for around $200M. And like me, you probably said “Great, Apple is always on the forefront of new technologies”.  But, for me, this is less about the acquisition and more about hope in solving a constantly frustrating experience that I have with Apple. It’s not about the products as I currently own 15 different Apple products. My frustration is that Apple is abysmal at customer marketing. I constantly get marketing touches from Apple that are frankly insulting as I feel like Apple is just saying “Hey Guy!”

rD #tbt: Relevance Is The Most Important Attribute While Communicating With Your Customers

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been marking our 10-year anniversary by taking a look back at our decade’s worth of content.  In our most recent blog, we discussed the rise of Pokémon Go and the opportunities its popularity could bring for brands. As always, with any brand effort, relevance is key. In this installment of rD #tbt, we look back at 2011 and the role of relevance in brand communications with consumers. Enjoy the read and remember to follow along using #rDialogueTBT.