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rD #tbt: There's a shift from globalization to personalization in marketing

Is it possible for something to be a throwback and a prediction? If it is, today’s #rDtbt fits perfectly. A year ago, we wrote about how personalized marketing is so much more than transactional data and today we feel brands are set up to do some really transformative things in regards to personalized marketing. With that in mind, enjoy today’s #rDtbt, because the future is right around the corner.

rD #tbt: Wearable Technology Will Be Explored Further as a Means of Expanding Customer Experience

Welcome back for another rD #tbt. Here at rDialogue we love technology that makes our lives easier and more stylish which is why we love wearables and what they can do for us. Many of us were tracking our mileage and earning fuel points with the Nike Fuel Band when it came out in 2012. Today we’re still managing our lives from our wrists (and we’re really excited for the Apple Watch 2). Take a walk down memory lane with us; and don’t forget to track your steps.

rD #tbt: Companies Need to Use the Right Marketing Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

We’re sure you’re as ready as we are to get the Labor Day weekend started, but how can you start the long weekend without a little #rDtbt? Our latest blogs have touched on big data and how brands are leveraging it; or not leveraging it for that matter. There is more data than ever before; even more than there was in 2012 which is where we land for today’s #rDtbt. Enjoy the read and remember: “with great power (data), comes great responsibility.”

rD #tbt: Having Brand Advocates Is Essential

Reasons we love Thursdays: First Thursdays, Lunch and Learns, being the day before Friday, and #rDialogueTBT.  In this weeks’ #rDialogueTBT we return to 2011 to look at the impact of brand advocates. We all know that brand advocates are a brand’s most valuable customers, but the real question is; do brand advocates feel important to the brand, or do they feel like just another guy?

rD #tbt: Customization of Loyalty Marketing Plans

We continue our celebration of rDialogue’s 10-year anniversary this week with a look back to 2011 and loyalty marketing’s role and evolution. Here at rD, we always have and will continue to look for brands that are willing to be leaders and push beyond the traditional loyalty program. It’s 2016 and this post is more relevant now than ever before. Enjoy the read and remember to follow along using #rDialogueTBT.

rD #tbt: Relevance Is The Most Important Attribute While Communicating With Your Customers

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been marking our 10-year anniversary by taking a look back at our decade’s worth of content.  In our most recent blog, we discussed the rise of Pokémon Go and the opportunities its popularity could bring for brands. As always, with any brand effort, relevance is key. In this installment of rD #tbt, we look back at 2011 and the role of relevance in brand communications with consumers. Enjoy the read and remember to follow along using #rDialogueTBT.

rD #tbt: Investing In Email Marketing Is Always A Profitable Bet

If you’ve been on vacation for the past couple of weeks, you’ve missed out on the start of rD’s 10-year anniversary celebration. We’ve dug up the rD time capsule to reminisce on some major trends over the years. In the newest installment of rD #tbt, we throw it back to 2009 and look at the role of email marketing in the years to come. Enjoy the read and remember to follow along using #rDialogueTBT.