Thanks for Seven years of (Our) Relevant Dialogue

Past and present, clients and partners, former clients and others – we owe you our gratitude.  While it’s cliché to call a business such as ours a people business, ours truly is.  It’s about relationships, not just about our clients’ relationships with their customers but also about the relationships we have with each other.  The past seven years have been the fastest seven years for me – and also some of the best seven years because of those relationships.

As we take a very brief pause to stop and recognize our 7th year in business, there are so many people to thank.  To borrow an idea from Danny Meyer and his exceptional book “Setting the Table”, it’s appropriate to start from within. Our rDialogue team rocks.  It’s the best we’ve ever had and it’s getting better by the day.

It’s essential to thank our clients, both old and new, who have grown with us along the way. Without them, we would not be here. Literally, of course, but also metaphorically, as they make us better, pushing us every day to deliver loyalty marketing and relationship marketing that’s fresh, on brand and relevant.

Special thanks go to our long-standing clients from 2006 like Merial, who worked with rDialogue before we got started, and other first-year clients, like Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and our fabulous Seattle retailers (the ones we can’t legally name) who continue to be a part of our business to this day.

We are also grateful to Citi Retail Services and the opportunities they’ve given us since 2009 to think about retail loyalty from all angles. Just as important, we are thankful for our newest clients in 2013, with whom we hope to be starting the same long-term relationships we share with these other clients.

In these seven years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many others, including former clients and partners, who share a common priority of building customer relationships that are meaningful – for the business and customer - rather than gimmicky.

Here’s to the next seven years together.