rD #tbt: Use analytics to create a differentiated customer experience

This week’s #rDtbt comes on the heels of some exciting thought leadership on customer marketing we unveiled at the DMA &THEN conference. At the foundation of our point of view is the requirement of a deep understanding of analytics and the possibilities it holds for shaping the customer experience. Something discussed frequently, but mastered by few brands. In the most basic sense, analytics can drive sales, but there’s so much more to offer in the form of a unique, personalized customer experience, and we’ve seen the opportunity for a while.

Trend #11: Use analytics to create a differentiated customer experience

Industry said it in – 2014

“Deeper use of analytics: We regularly advise on better use of analytics to drive sales improvements on Smart Insights. Google have released a number of improvements in 2013 to encourage this like Universal Analytics, Advanced segments and improvements to conversion attribution modelling mentioned above. We hope this means they’ll that there will be deeper use of analytics in 2014.” – 22 digital marketing techniques that demand attention

rDialogue said it in – 2014

“Dear Toys are us, I’d love it if you took a cue from Amazon recommendations and developed a mobile experience that allowed me to scan the toys my child loves and generate a list of “If he likes this, he’ll love this” recommendations, with their locations throughout the store. Take it a step further and link my in-store recommendations to my profile, thereby feeding your CRM engine so your emails to me are about what I need, not just what you want to sell.” – Sarah Chane Abend in Dear Toys ‘R’ Us

“Above all, kudos to brands that use data wisely, understand behavioral marketing and provide a reason for me to align with them. The way in which brands communicate is also important:  asking for my preferences and inquiring about my experiences are important” – Brenda Thielbar in Loyalty Perspective of an Empty-Nester