rD #tbt: Companies Need to Use the Right Marketing Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

We’re sure you’re as ready as we are to get the Labor Day weekend started, but how can you start the long weekend without a little #rDtbt? Our latest blogs have touched on big data, customer marketing, and how brands are leveraging it; or not leveraging it for that matter. There is more data than ever before; even more than there was in 2012 which is where we land for today’s #rDtbt. Enjoy the read and remember: “with great power (data), comes great responsibility.”

Trend #7: Companies need to use the right marketing analytics to improve customer experience

Industry said it in – 2013

“As we see more marketing channels in play and an improved ability to understand how they all touch, I predict marketers will be seeking out new ways to prioritize their many opportunities. Unlike traditional web analytics -- the measurement of how your website is performing -- marketing analytics is the measurement and optimization of your marketing activities. Businesses will turn their efforts to marketing analytics to steer their product roadmaps, hiring plans and market moves.” – 10 online marketing trends for 2013

rDialogue said it in – 2012

“While it is important to compile data at every touchpoint, it is equally as important to use the data you do have in a smart manner. As with any super hero talent, so it goes with data: with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t ask for customer data, then not act on it. It’s a missed opportunity with the customer at best, and a break in your customer promise at worse.” – Meg Culp in Your Brand’s Super Powers – Data & Data-driven Marketing