rD #tbt: Wearable Technology Will Be Explored Further as a Means of Expanding Customer Experience

Welcome back for another rD #tbt. Here at rDialogue we love technology that makes our lives easier and more stylish which is why we love wearable technology and what they can do for us. Many of us were tracking our mileage and earning fuel points with the Nike Fuel Band when it came out in 2012. Today we’re still managing our lives from our wrists (and we’re really excited for the Apple Watch 2). Take a walk down a little customer marketing Memory Lane with us; and don’t forget to track your steps.

Trend #8: Wearable technology will be explored further as a means of expanding customer experience

Industry said it in – 2014

“Nike's Fuelband did a great job, and Jawbone continues to push its UP wristband, so someone will crack the code, but “we shouldn't expect consumers to embrace whatever cool new gadget is released for the sheer thrill of feeling like James Bond,” Southgate told CMO.com. Brands will have to develop wearable tech that does something relevant to the consumer.” – 11 marketing trends for 2014

rDialogue said it in – 2014

“The technology market is booming with innovation and companies are seeking to understand which tools they should use to enhance their customers' experience. Ultimately, loyalty is embedded in a great customer experience. For example, by designing a convenient, fun and even stylish wearable technology that seamlessly integrates with each guest’s total park experience, Disney has reduced friction and enhanced the overall experience pre-, during and post-visit. “– Andrea Arabia in Wearing Loyalty Around Your Wrist