When our CEO, Phil Rubin, founded rDialogue in 2006, he kept this ideal in mind: “This will be the place I’ve always wanted to work.” As we’ve grown, it has become the place we’ve all always wanted to work.

We're focused on building better relationships between brands and their customers and we extend that focus to our own culture. We offer team members the chance to learn, grow, and succeed with transparency, support, and collaboration.

And since rDialogue is a boutique—we’re nimble. You want more flexibility when it comes to hours or working from home? Let’s talk. Is your dream to run marathons all over the world, but you want to work while doing it? You’re crazy, but let’s make that happen.

Let rDialogue be the place you've always wanted to work.

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Spring 2018

So, you're looking for an internship...

From sitting in on client meetings, to conducting competitive analysis and research, you'll gain exposure in a multitude of areas. You'll also have opportunities to attend marketing networking events in Atlanta and be invited to companywide dinners.

What previous interns have worked on:

  • Conducted research and analysis for a leading fitness brand, a major bank, and a pet pharmaceutical company 
  • Built emails for mall management company, as well as for our own email series
  • Used SharpSpring and MailChimp analytics software to create a monthly report for rDialogue

The ideal intern should:

  • Be a student
  • Have a positive attitude, self-motivation and a passion for this kind of work
  • Have knowledge of and experience with various social media platforms
  • Be able to work independently and on a team

Our internship is structured around three branches:

  • Corporate marketing, where you'll help us with our internal efforts to spread the word about rDialogue
  • Loyalty marketing, where you'll be doing strategy work, analysis, and research
  • Relationship marketing, where you'll get to do implementation work, such as working on email campaigns


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