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The Changing Nature of Loyalty Marketing

We recently attended CRMC in Chicago and were struck by how the conversation has shifted on a number of fronts. While there was a notable theme around the basic fundamentals of CRM and a not so inconspicuous lack of shiny bright objects compared to recent years, more than ever there was increased discussion around the importance and usage of non-points-based loyalty programs and benefits.

Making Marketing Analytics Actionable

Using “Big Data” in relevant ways that make the customer experience better has become a common theme recently. At the Emory Marketing Analytics Center’s annual conference, leading brands like Delta, Home Depot and Coca-Cola all shared tactical ways data is used to enrich the customer experience.

The Right Focus at Loyalty Expo

Conferences always provide fertile ground for new perspectives, new ideas and fresh ways to solve traditional problems. Loyalty Expo was no different, driven as much by our clients and conversations outside the Loyalty Expo sessions as the sessions themselves. We share our highlights from this year's Loyalty Expo here.

Black Friday and Beyond

We discuss some of what we noticed before, after and everything in-between this season's Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Thoughts from the CRMC

Recently, several of our clients and members of the rDialogue team attended the Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) in Chicago. This conference consistently delivers key insights from retailers as well as provides a forum from which to learn from each other. Here are some of our collective thoughts about this year's conference.

Taking A Leap with Scot Safon

As members of the Atlanta Chapter, Teresa Caro (AMA Board Member) and I were eager to attend AMA's October Signature Luncheon just by its title alone:Journey Beyond The Comfort Zone. What we didn't know beforehand was how inspired and entertained we were going to be.

Think Like a Rockstar

I recently attended the Social Media Integration Conference held at Kennesaw State University, and it was such a treat to hear all the talented professionals share their insights. One of my favorite and most applicable seminars was Mack Collier's "Think Like a Rockstar." I love this perspective on the company/customer relationships, and these key takeaways can be applied to any industry.

The Gamification of Loyalty

In case you missed it, AiMA had their monthly event on Wednesday night. Action! Gamification Technology and User Behavior Social Media with Chris Nelson (CMT), Gab Aldrige (The Super Group), Craig Kronenberger (Edelman), and Omar Divina (Badgeville).

Lessons from the Customer Relationship Management Conference: Delivering Winning Customer Experiences

I recently returned to Chicago, a city I once lived in and still adore, to attend the 2011 CRMC.  Even with a 40-degree change in daytime temperature between two of the days, I embraced it like a former Chicagoan.  Having worked in the loyalty industry for more than 15 years consulting, writing and speaking, I am slightly embarrassed to say that this was my first CRMC.  Embarrassment aside, I found it to be one of the best industry conferences that I have ever attended.  Some might say “The first time is always the best”, but I would argue that the CRMC has the right mix of retailers and ve

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