The customer. We've researched them, modeled them, looked for them everywhere. Finally, we've acquired them. Now the real work begins. Where do you want to go with them? Where do they want to go with you? 

Customers took a risk in giving you access to their information. Maybe it was an email address, a physical address, or some of their money. These are things we can measure. Mostly overlooked, and rarely measured, is the time they've given us, and (hopefully) will continue to give us. Smart marketers are mindful of all assets customers share with us.

  As a customer marketing agency, we use this mantra to keep our client's priorities aligned with their customers’ needs. In today's marketing technology landscape, it's just way too easy to create a customer journey without the most important perspective of all…the customer. Remove friction, increase value propositions, and never forget how hard you've worked just to get to call them your customer.

Changing Consumer Expectations

How the changing dynamic between brand and customers impacts brand loyalty

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