So, you're looking for an internship...

At rDialogue, we have one simple passion – Make the world better for customers, and the brands that care about them. Our clients are some of the best consumer and business brands on the globe and they look to us to make their customers a priority. In our client work, we provide disciplines in loyalty marketing, marketing strategy, relationship marketing, research, analytics and marketing technologies. It’s challenging work, and rewarding on many levels. If you are considering a marketing career, let’s start a dialogue. 

As an rDialogue intern, you'll be immersed to the world of CRM and loyalty marketing. From sitting in on client meetings, to conducting competitive analysis and research, you'll gain exposure in a multitude of areas. You'll also have opportunities to attend marketing networking events in Atlanta and be invited to companywide dinners.

What this position isn't:

  • A coffee-run-and-errands type of internship
  • Paid only in experience

What previous interns have worked on:

  • Conducted research and analysis for a leading fitness brand, a major bank, and a book.
  • Tested a fan club website for an NFL team pre- and post-launch
  • Built emails for mall management company, as well as for our own email series
  • Used SharpSpring and MailChimp analytics software to create a monthly report for rDialogue
  • Written blog content for The Millennial Project

The ideal intern should:

  • Be a student, or recent graduate
  • Have a positive attitude, self-motivation and a passion for this kind of work
  • Have knowledge of and experience with various social media platforms
  • Be able to work independently and on a team

Our internship is structured around three branches:

  • Corporate marketing, where you'll help us with our internal efforts to spread the word about rDialogue
  • Loyalty marketing, where you'll be doing strategy work, analysis, and research
  • Relationship marketing, where you'll get to do implementation work, such as working on email campaigns


Summer 2015 interns with their last day swag

Summer 2015 interns with their last day swag

Q2 company dinner

Q2 company dinner

Summer 2015 interns in their "intern cave"

Summer 2015 interns in their "intern cave"

Content written by previous interns:

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Screening Loyalty: Where Brands Go Wrong with Millennials

We are always on the look-out for enthusiastic, curious, and motivated people. If you're a student or a recent grad looking for an internship, please consider rDialogue! Just send an email to and we'll get back to you.