Our main goal:

Developing and implementing a sophisticated and highly successful relationship marketing strategy through targeted and customized emails.


Kimpton Karma Rewards

For the first 7 years of working with Kimpton, our focus was largely on relationship marketing while periodically addressing on key elements of their InTouch loyalty program.  However, in tandem with recognizing the need for better hotel and guest-related technology, rDialogue collaborated with Kimpton in redesigning what was a limited but adequate (given Kimpton’s effective relationship marketing) InTouch program.  In fact, in 2012, just prior to its redesign, InTouch received Colloquy’s Loyalty Innovation Award for Travel/Hospitality.

While the program at its core was largely unchanged from its inception more than a decade earlier, there were numerous opportunities to not only “re-skin” the program but more importantly, to make it more integrated into the business and those components that make Kimpton unique.  One of the key goals in the redesign effort was to extend and intensify the relevance and overall quality of the customer experience, again, in keeping with the brand and the business.