It's 2018. This is the last call for customer-centricity.


There’s no denying: It’s the age of the customer, and not surprisingly, customer marketing has evolved to become a serious priority across the entire enterprise. For companies who adopted a “customer-first” or customer-centric strategy years ago, their market lead seems to effortlessly widen, while those who’ve been unable to make this fundamental pivot have fallen behind. Is it too late to catch up? Not yet. But it’s definitely go-time.

Companies like Amazon, IBM, Netflix and Harrah’s are leaders in the customer-centricity space because they broke down the walls between technology, marketing and finance long ago. They were early investors in customer data collection, customer-oriented technology and analytics. They looked to their customers to help shape their organizations and evolve their brands. Their moves are worth following. Are you ready?

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In our latest white paper, we cover the following:

  • Why focusing on brand marketing alone is no long sufficient

  • The rise of customer-centricity and the impact of customer marketing

  • How the role of the CMO is evolving

  • 5 steps to move your company towards customer-centricity

It’s not too late. But it’s about to be.


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