At rDialogue, we share a belief that the road to success starts and ends with the customer, but it has to be good for employees and our team as well. Collectively, our team brings decades of experience with big brands and big data, creating real business value across the full spectrum of product categories, including: Retail • Financial Services • Travel & Hospitality • Food & Beverage • Luxury Goods & Services • Apparel • Sports & Entertainment • Kids


Jeremy Abel

Client Strategy Partner

Jeremy’s our resident tech guru. He helps pinpoint the right technologies to drive marketing and sales, then works closely with our clients’ internal marketing and IT teams to make sure they’re getting every ounce of value from their tech investments. When he’s not helping make our clients' lives easier, he can be found trail running with his dog, or constantly failing at trying to learn how to surf. We’ve told him about the challenge of trying to learn how to surf while living in Colorado, so he started surfing river waves. Now you can see how he’s good at finding solutions to any problem. 

Mike Barilla

Head of Analytics

To say that Mike is a Numbers Guy is an extreme understatement. For 20+ years, Mike has been revealing insights into clients’ data and formulating strategic solutions that are based on facts, not whims. He’s intelligent, thorough and can fluently speak both dialects of Nerd—Analytic & Business-Relevant. In fact, Mike can communicate complex statistical solutions to a roomful of marketing professionals with a very low percentage of audience member glaze-over. That’s pretty remarkable for a Numbers Guy—or anyone for that matter.

(Speaking of accomplishments, Mike is also a chronic marathoner. He runs about one a month—all over the world. Like we said, not your average Numbers Guy.)

Nikki Canter

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Nikki keeps the coffee pot full and distributes paychecks, so it’s safe to say she’s the most powerful and beloved person at rDialogue. After taking a hiatus from her HR/Marketing career to raise her son, Nikki is thrilled to be back in the business world, tending to all the administrative tasks that bog down a regular workday. Paying bills and invoices. Deciphering employee benefits. Re-stocking snacks and Diet Coke. Taming printers. She handles it all—with the style and finesse befitting a 1993 Benihana Karaoke Champion. (Yes, she did that, too, probably while refilling the soy sauce and sharpening hibachi knives. This woman is seriously unstoppable.)


Senior Client Partner

Editor of Vogue. As a teen, that was Sarah’s career goal…until she realized she’d be required to give up pajama jeans. Deal breaker. Now she fashions smart, data-driven customer marketing programs that generate impressive results (and make her clients look amazing). Prior to rDialogue, she lent her marketing savvy to big names like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, National Bank of Canada, and Waste Management. Intelligent, detailed and personable, Sarah works hard and laughs often. At day’s end, she returns to her husband, two boys, dog, and various cats and enjoys the pajama-jean-like comforts of home. 

Amy Drooker

Senior Client Implementation Partner

Amy’s always been a fan of the big picture. As a kid, she wanted to be a foreign diplomat and vowed to visit all seven continents. (Six down, one to go.) As a college student, she studied abroad. And as a marketer, she pinpoints and implements innovative technology strategies without ever losing sight of her client’s big-picture objective. Amy has tackled complex projects for several big names over the course of her 17-year career. Most recently Amy helped Coca-Cola implement innovative digital loyalty programs on My Coke Rewards, the company’s largest website. Now she’s brought her vast experience, attention to detail, and Diet Coke addiction to rDialogue, and we couldn’t be happier to have her (and her big ideas) here.

Laurie Efman

Client Strategy Partner

No matter what the adventure, Laurie is up for it. Have time to help reinvent a brand identity for Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites? Definitely. Want to have a hand in growing a loyalty program for a multinational hotel company that extends to 4,800 properties in 100 counties? Count me in. Want to join rDialogue and form iron-clad relationships with our customers so that they can do the same with theirs? Don’t mind if I do. Thanks to Laurie’s up-for-anything attitude, she takes every opportunity to expand her understanding of what makes people tick and brands succeed. Occasionally, she’ll pause long enough to curl up and enjoy a glass of wine. But should someone call and ask, “Want to go to Antarctica?” you can bet she’ll be packed and off on her next adventure faster than she can say, “Heck yeah!” 

Karen Fields

Vice President, Strategy & Implementation

Smart, diligent, quick-witted—Karen is a truly gifted communicator and collaborator. During her 15-year marketing career, she’s worked on the client and agency side, analyzing data and skillfully shaping it into action and successful results-driven campaigns for Exclusive Resorts and AT&T, just to name a couple.

Those who have worked with Karen look forward to the chance to do it again. We’re fairly certain it’s her personality, intelligence and work ethic that draw people to Karen. However, it could also be attributed to the vacuum effect caused by her dramatic use of hand gestures.

Katy Garrett

Marketing Manager

Katy recently graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Gender Studies and Art History. The obvious next step: a job in marketing, of course. Katy is in charge of developing rDialogue’s online presence; keeping us connected (blog- and social-media-wise); and reminding us how invaluable a fresh, young perspective can be.

Shannon Ottinger

Vice President, Strategy

When Shannon walked through our door, we knew we hit the jackpot. An MBA in Marketing Strategy from Emory. Check. An awesome attitude and enviable work ethic. Check. Years of marketing experience working with global leaders like GE and Ernst & Young. Check. Given her depth in financial services and card marketing, we immediately put her in charge of our work with Citi Retail Services and their partners. As expected, she hit the ground running, devising strategies to help retain and enhance the client’s most profitable customer relationships. Some think the financial stuff is kind of dry. But after spending the weekend on the Lake Lanier water slides with her kids, Shannon welcomes something a little drier when Monday rolls around.  

Kaycee Porter

Creative Director

Kaycee’s not one to settle for the status quo. Collaborative and strategic, on a continual mission to help clients push their creative boundaries, evolve their brands, and create work that is as effective as it is attractive. If she’s quiet in a meeting, she’s probably envisioning the next step in the visual and strategic evolution of the client’s brand—ask past clients at Amazon, Microsoft, Holland America and more.

Jodi Rausch

Vice President, Strategy & Implementation

When Jodi was 5, she broke the news to her folks: She wanted to be an advertising exec when she grew up. Fast-forward a few decades and Jodi’s hard-wired enthusiasm for marketing hasn’t waned one iota.

Over her 18-year professional career, she’s lent her expertise and insights to big-name clients like Intercontinental Hotels Group, GE Consumer Finance, Gap, Inc. and Fiserv. Her colleagues describe her as one of the most conscientious, driven and talented marketing minds they’ve ever encountered. It’s no surprise she’s such a respected marketer; she’s been honing her skills since birth.


Brenda Thielbar

Director, Client Services

“At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” It’s Maya Angelou’s quote and Brenda’s mantra. Loyal, detailed and personable, Brenda helps her clients devise and implement strategic, impactful marketing campaigns that they can feel good about. At rDialogue, Brenda brings over 20 years of hospitality marketing experience to the conference table, leading a wide variety of customer-centric initiatives for InterContinental Hotels Group, Holiday Clubs International, Holiday Inn, Bass Hotels, Days Inn and more.

Ashley Tway

Marketing Technology Associate

Ashley took the scenic route to rDialogue. Italy. Iceland. California. Japan. Portugal. Turkey. Texas. South Carolina. Germany. A four-year layover at Miami University in Ohio to earn a marketing degree. An internship pit stop in Chicago. Now she’s arrived in Atlanta—well prepared to venture into the adventure-filled world of loyalty marketing with rDialogue.