Relevance = Personalization + Context

Do you remember the first time you received a piece of direct mail with your name printed on the front? Instead of being addressed as a “valued customer” or a “whom it may concern,”  you were being called by name – and it probably caught your attention. 

But that was decades ago. Since that time, personalization has evolved beyond name and address into something far richer and more substantial.

Thanks to technology, advanced data collection, and analysis capabilities, the hyper-relevant, highly individualized customer experiences that marketers have longed for since the 1980s are increasingly viable. But how do we as marketers realize this dream in an era where consumers are increasingly distrustful when it comes to sharing their data with brands?


In our latest white paper, we explore the following:

  • How personalization can be used to deliver relevance to consumers

  • Privacy, data, trust, and the issues that lie there within

  • How personalization factors into rDialogue’s model for Loyalty 3.0

  • Consumer insight into personalization, trust, and brands from rDialogue’s 2018 research study


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