"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."   Anatole France

Our office is, unfortunately, not pet friendly. This is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it means leaving our four-legged family members at home. A blessing because it makes our time spent with them all that sweeter. This holiday season, we'd like to introduce you to our better halves—our pets. 

From our families to yours, Happy Holidays!

P.S. (Can you guess which pet goes with which rDer?)


Meet Cole

About: Cole (aka Squeekers, Love Muffin, Pumpkinhead, Snuffalufagus) is a 9 year old American Short Hair Cat. I met Cole in February 2011 (she was 3) through one of my best friends who is a vet. Her previous owners had left her at the vet clinic after deciding they just couldn’t take care of her. It was love at first sight! Within 30 minutes of meeting her, I paid her adoption fee and came back the next day to bring her home.

Likes: Cheese (anything dairy really), Talenti Salted Caramel Gelato, her heated beds   

Story: When I first brought Cole home she would meow but no sound would come out.  After living with her loud and talkative Mom for almost six years now, she’s now the most talkative cat my friends have ever met!  I’m not sure if she’s scolding me for leaving her or telling me about her adventures while I was gone, but when I get home, I can’t shut her up


Meet Etta and Gus

About: Gus (5) and Etta (3) are our beloved Labs. Gus, the BIG black one, is a big, lazy, wanna-be lap dog.  His eyes say "pity me, I'm sad", but his tail and waistline say "SUCKER".  Etta is the yellow one.  She's full of energy, super sweet and completely crazy.  Gus had it so good until Etta came along.  Now, he plays second fiddle to the self-appointed queen. They're a big part of our family and we wouldn't trade them for anything.  Well, except for our five year old daughter Sasha, she would trade them both in a heartbeat for a brand new puppy.

Likes: Etta likes eating hands and feet off Sasha’s dolls, green beans, ice cubes, lying on laps, and snuggling in bed. Gus likes everything, especially Etta’s rawhide treats.

Dislikes: Etta dislikes getting punished for eating Sasha’s dolls, Gus eating her treats, and when Gus gets pet before her. Gus dislikes nothing.

Photo Oct 15, 3 09 41 PM.jpeg

Meet Lilly

About: Lilly was a shelter pup. She was rescued when she was 1.5 years old. If she were a boy, I could have named her Falcor, because she looks like the luck dragon from “The Neverending Story,” – long, low to the ground, and cream colored. #lillianmyrtlerocks

Likes: Loves food. She is led by her belly

Dislikes: Long walks. After about .5 miles, she lays down. She’s got short legs after all!

Quirk: I call Lilly “The People’s Dog.” She loves everyone she meets, even strangers. As a result, some neighbors have even claimed her, and take her for walks – just because they want to hang out with her.


Meet Luna

About: Luna is a 4-year-old Pitbull/Cattle Dog mix. Most nights, Luna can be found under the covers, curled up at your feet. #lunaownsthebed

Likes: Her yellow Wubba toy, her boys, and most things water related: oceans, lakes, swimming with her best buds Jessie and Cass in their pool, even the garden hose

Dislikes: Baths. That's the only kind of water she doesn't like.




Meet Maisy

About:  Leggy, just like her owner, Maisy is an 11-month old Chocolate Lab mix who rescued her human from the Atlanta Humane Society in July 2016. She's the friendliest pup in the world (or at least in the state of Georgia), notoriously known at the dog park for jumping up on people and smothering everyone with kisses and affection.

Likes:  People, other dogs, attention, sticks, peanut butter, puddles

Dislikes: Listening, being told no, when her owner won't share food or wine (rude!)

Story:  Approximately 24 hours after bringing Maisy home she decided it was safe to go from being the calm, cool and collected puppy she was at the shelter and turn into the crazy little terror I now know and love. I thought the best course of action would be to take her on a walk before bed to burn off some of her energy. Wrong. I ended up dropping my keys and getting locked out of my apartment over night with no cell phone and (more importantly) no place for Maisy to sleep. Luckily, I was able to flag down a security guard at a nearby corporate campus who let me borrow his phone. I called a friend who let me crash in the guest bedroom at his parents house while Maisy slept in the garage downstairs (Thanks, Max!). It's safe to say, that was not the housewarming party I had planned for me and my new pup.


Meet Oliver

About: Oliver is 9 years old and loves living in Colorado. He’s a mix breed of Labrador, German Shepherd, and Malamute. After suffering for 4 years with the humidity of Georgia, Oliver is back home in CO and is excited about his first winter. At 110 lbs, Oliver is a strong boy who loves to run in the open space outside his neighborhood. Much like his owner, he’s coming to grips with his mature age and limitations in his body. He still loves to chase rabbits, coyotes and his arch-nemesis, any dog of husky breed.

Likes: Eating, sleeping on large furniture that supports his large being (couches, beds, etc). Cold temperatures and deep snow.

Dislikes: Humidity and Huskies

Story: Ollie’s driven across country twice and loves to watch the open road. He’s always interested in a car ride.


Meet Ortiz

About: Ortiz is a Yorkshire Terrier named after the Boston Red Sox’s baseball player. Born in Georgia, Ortiz is now 8 years old — but you’d never know it. He can chase off a bird or squirrel in seconds!

Likes: Long walks on the beach, playing tug-of-war with his rope toy
OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews, sleeping on the couch or on top of pillows, watching football and any canine-related movies.

Dislikes: Nail grooming, when you blow in his face, and car rides.

Quirk: He can hop like a rabbit!

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Meet Papi and Binx

About: Papi, 7, and Binx, 3, are the odd couple of their household. Papi, a long-hair Chihuahua, was abandoned by his previous owners. Binx, a black short-hair, turned up one October and never left.

Likes: Papi likes car rides, the blow dryer, naps, and fresh-out-of-the-dryer towels. Binx likes driveway dirt, sunspots, wet bathtubs, and attacking Papi.

Dislikes: Papi dislikes baths, wet paws, and smoke. Binx dislikes loud noises, the neighbor's cat, and children.

Quirk: Papi loves sweaters. Binx loves to destroy sweaters.

Meet Remy

About: Remy, named for an 18th-century French winemaker, is an 8-year-old Shih-poo. in theory, he's 56 in dog years but like a lot of us, he doesn’t always act his age. He joined our family 8 years ago this December when the one (other) male in the house was given an ultimatum.

Likes: Any ball – specifically tennis balls. Chewing dog toys with foam stuffing until the stuffing is removed. Trezadone and Xanax (when there is low barometric pressure in tandem with rain and thunder). Going with us in the car.

Dislikes: When no one plays ball with him. Digesting foam stuffing from dog toys. Rain and especially, thunderstorms. Being left at home when we go somewhere in the car.

Meet Ruby

About: Ruby joined my family in July 2015 when she was two years old. She had previously lived with two other families, both of which had other pets. Ruby was meant to be an only child so I was lucky that she chose me as her new mom. I had dogs previously, both rescues, so I was open to a new pet that was less maintenance than dogs are.

Likes: Ruby LOVES being an only four-legged child. She is quite needy and needs to be sitting in my lap, laying on my chest, or spooning with me whenever I am at home.

Quirk: Her purring is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. When she lays on me, it’s like getting a massage.



Meet Wrigley

About: Wrigley came from the hard streets of Utah... Upon being transported to the Boulder Humane Society, she was advertised as a "Lab Mix." After her 1st vet appointment it was discovered that there was no Lab at all in her mix, and instead growing to 50+ lbs she decided to stop at 25 lbs. She's most likely a whippet mix of some type.

Likes: Running, Mexico, beaches (with plenty of crabs to chase and eat)

Dislikes: Colorado winters

Story: She’s placed 2nd and 3rd in the GoPro Mountain games 5k trail run… but she doesn’t care much for the competitive lifestyle.