Want to make the world a better place for customers and the brands that care for them? An internship at rDialogue might be the position for you. We are a customer marketing firm in Atlanta, Georgia that helps “accelerate smart and profitable relationships between customers and brands.” Which means, we try to make sure customers and brands have the right relationship. We use data and our experience to create and execute kick-ass marketing strategies around loyalty and relationship marketing.

We pride ourselves on "punching above our weight class." We’re not as big as other firms, but our client list (think brand leaders like Brooks Brothers, American Express, Citibank, Nike and Comcast) reads like we are. This speaks not only to the quality of our thinking, but to the quality of the minds at rDialogue. If you have the passion and work ethic necessary, we offer a unique experience, working hands on with global industry leading brands. With us, you won’t be running to get coffee, you’ll be getting stuff done.

During our 90-day Customer Marketing Internship (CMI) you’ll spend time in each of our "Centers of Excellence" (COE), where you’ll be part of the team and working on current COE projects. Each COE is tasked with driving new thinking and ideas to strengthen rDialogue’s position in the loyalty space, as well as providing value to our clients. The collective work of the COE culture is to Recognize, Curate and Enable the evolution of our intellectual capital.

Relationship Marketing COE: Provide examples and applications of evolving strategies, tactics and best practices on how to engage, move and mature existing customers (i.e. omni-channel, customer journey, personalization, etc.)

Loyalty COE: We’re charged with discovering what is truly innovative and noteworthy in loyalty marketing. We need your help to organize it to share the information, our ideas across the organization and to clients and partners.

Innovation & Transformation COE: We strive to understand and develop a POV on how technology is enabling brands to be relevant in real time. We explore topics ranging from AI/machine learning and blockchain to contextual commerce.

At the end of 90 days, participants in the CMI are expected to understand client projects, visualize the business challenges, and solutions to how to solve and improve the client opportunity. One of the most exciting things about our work is how client driven it is. We want the CMI to have structure, but also fit seamlessly with how we are working with our clients. Which means, no two internship experiences are the same. To give you an idea of what projects you could be on, here's what past interns in the CMI have worked on:

  • Competitive market research
  • Client strategy assessments
  • Executive stakeholder interviews
  • Business model analysis
  • Customer segmentation work
  • Proprietary brand market research

So, if you’re looking for real marketing experiences—and are willing to get your hands dirty with live client business challenges—come satisfy your intellectual curiosity at rDialogue, where you'll experience all aspects of the business while working with the premier brands of the world.

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