Relationship marketing, CRM, one to one marketing, personalization. There are countless terms and strategies that amount to the same goal: to pay attention to customers and act accordingly.

In some ways, not much has changed in the past twenty years – we are still trying to fulfill the Peppers and Rogers philosophy of 1:1 marketing. Understanding your customers remains the crux to delivering a personalized experience and relevant communications. Yet, much has changed. We now have the tools and technologies to deliver on the 1:1 promise. That makes today an exciting time to be a marketer – and a customer.

Effective relationship marketing starts by discovering who your customers are—and creating personal, relevant interactions at each point. To do this, you must identify what customers need and expect from your brand, and then create the necessary strategies to build and nurture each relationship—from acquisition and engagement to growth and retention.


It's 2018 — Last Call for Customer-Centricity


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